If u want me to make a u a blog banner there heres the information for it.
1)Mail me on MSP AND  comment on here
2)tell me the information u want me to put on ur banner example : phrases and words,
3)what coulor u want it to be / how many coulors u want it to be but the max is 3.
4)do u want it to b big or small ur banner
5)tell me ur username on msp
6)the banner should take 3days or less to make,cuz im still new at this but things will change and it could even take less than 3days.or even an hour it could take cuz im really fast and i take my time.
7)plz remeber to pay(i will tell u what the price is)
8)tell me if u want ur charater from msp on there or not
9)if ur gonna have a character on msp on it then add me and tell me what clothes ur gonna wear
10)pay me after the banner is done
11)p.s- what animation do u want!

The banner cost is : 1 auto and u must watch 1 of my movies and comment on it.
If u dont understand this.. then i will comment on this and give u an example if all the steps


  1. hey is this is ur example of what u should b saying:
    1)i mailed u on msp
    2)i want u 2 put,live,life and love on my banner
    3)i want me banner to b 1 coulor which is purple
    4)i want it to be big like the one at the top
    5)my username is prettyloveline
    7)i will pay
    8)i want my character to b there
    9)i want to wear a pink bow,black top with squins,pink shorts and red trainers
    10)i will pay u after the banner is done

  2. Hey thx for makin me and ameloa soz noit tha pazt im om
    n ma phone but om still jess


  3. Ok username: elinor 28
    colours: pink+green
    quote: Life is short,theres no time to leave important words unsaid.
    banner: Big plz x ive mailed u on msp aswell x

  4. Hi :3 Can I have a banner please?
    My msp isnt working anymore so i cant mail you.. D:
    Can you please make it brave-themed? (Its a film, if you dont know)

    Can you make it dark blue and green?
    I'll mail you on msp as soon as i can. x

  5. hey i can make u a blog banner but mail me on msp and on this page and answer the questions above in order for me to make it for u.and make sure ur read the terms and conditions which is bascially just saying how u pay for the banner!! ok c ya

    PPL-Out x

  6. heyy rocky here xDD can u make me a blog banner please?

    1) Im going 2 mail u on msp after i write this xD
    2) Well....err....i dont know much quotes sooo suprise me xDD
    3)Red and yellow
    4)i want it 2 b big like the 1 you have please
    5)my user: Rocky953
    6)i will pay
    7) i want my character 2 b there
    8) i want the clothes im wearing on msp right now 2 b on the banner x
    9) ill pay you after banner is done x

    thanks x

  7. Hi I would like a banner
    1.I will mail u
    2.I want it to say MspBlog And Chloe325
    3.the colour should be pink and purple
    4.I want it big
    5.I would like me in it
    6.I will pay de price

  8. I make my own banners!