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On this page I will be looking at blogs and giving them a blog review by writing about what i like on the blog,Please do NOT COPY,I REPEAT DO NOT COPY This idea! So Ima gonna secretly look at the blogs,Well not rlly secretly , And then i'm Gonna look at all the good features of the blog but i wont be putting any bad things about the blog, So i will just be looking at them myself but if u want me to look at yours then put a comment below with your name and your blog address.

Rocky953's blog
-This is a very bright blog with lots of color , the fact that its got soo much color makes it interesting to read,Its mostly has lots pictures of her character which makes people kno who she is.. the post are very interesting and shows how she has tried her best to put up with all the bullying,Although the post are interesting  it would have been alot better with out the swearing to make it clean and soo that instead she can just describe her feelings through descriptive words instead of just one swear word.

cool chick 8 blog
-This is a very interesting simple blog with soo much history and facts inside,i liked how she added information about things that have been happening in all over the world and not just a specif part of the world,Although its has so much facts and news i think it has gone a little over board with the facts as it is too much facts for a person to take in...maybe it should have little less facts or abit more interesting ones and maybe too just up the blog and get more viewers to add more color and change the font of the writing.

Diamondzz! blog
-This is a very interesting blog about blog banners and it has so much pic's about ur fantastic moments,even though its good,maybe it would be a good idea to add different colors or to add a specific color to it to make the blog a bit more lively,Soo the background wont be plain and white.Also maybe add a bit more txt so ur post wont be too short so the audience can follow in to wat ur saying,and wats happening!!

Tinaa blog
- A fantastic blog with lots of music and pictures of cute animals,The pic of cute animals show that ur an animal lover which is Soo cool,I love the banner it all about feeling init?
I like the slideshow cuz it makes ppl think about wat the ppl r going through,Nice colors btw it very lifely and brings the audience part of the blog,even though its OSM ur blog, I feel the writing should b bigger cuz i don't think im able to read alot of it, but luckily i'm getting glasses this Saturday,Also i like how to song starts as soon as u enter the blog becuz it gives u a warm and welcoming enterance.

LittleMinx XD
-This is a very colorful,creative and imaginative blog.You have talked about what has been happening on msp and u have just talked about the big things u talked about the small things aswell. Ive also liked how u have talked about different people you come across in your normal everyday life and what happends inside the lvl 5 + chat room.I also liked how u left a question at the end of your blog to get people to think about when they leave your blog.One small thing u can make if yuh want is that u can maybe make a bigger title, and a bolder one so that it stands out. Cuz u want ur blog to stand out from the others and not just the same so yh.

mistiix blog
-This is a very glamorous blog, with the theme of green and pink colours, Its amazing lol.I liked the humor u used in your posts and the way u are speaking to the audience as if they are u friend.It give u a warm, trusty feeling as if anyone can post wat they like.I like the way ur banner says : smile which is good to encourage ppl to do something.i also like the pic of u ,this shows ur are not afraid to show urself and u dont care about looks and appearances. Although a very nice blog,maybe try to use a bit more creative idea's as it is a little simular to my blog but it is still O.S.M =OSM! : )Also maybe add abit of games or a quiz to get the ppl on ur blog, more involved wanting to come back for more!

Claudet789 blog
-This is an fantastic and Spontaneous blog,i like how the background of ur blog matches with the wrtiting on ur blog and dat u have all your post written in black then purple.That is a very different and brand new style to have.Also, i like how on ur blog banner u have ur friends on it and a few words to do with msp. Dat just soo cool and unique cuz its sums up for other ppl what msp is about and dat U CAN make friends on it! My only point unfortunately is that maybe u could change the title into a different coulor or put it on the banner or make it rlly stand out as when i came on to the blog i didn't notice the title much!Plus maybe to add some more games or pics to the side of ur blog and there are a few spaces u could fill to keep  ppl entertained! But a seriously dead Gorgeous blog cuz i noticed that u just joined cuz ur first post was written at May 30th so u have an brillient blog and it looks better that how my blog was when i just started blogging!

$hort Curls blog
-This is an unique and different blog with lots of bright colours on the background and a nice blue theme at the moment.I like the banner as it is short and simple as many other banners and i have to admit ,including mine,have alot of writing on the banner and readers want something easy to read just to catch ur attention for them to read ur blog and that exactly what u have done!I really like the different types of tabs at the top of ur blog such as Youtube and such cuz it tells ur viewers that u also go on social networking sites.Although ur blog is spontaneous ,i feel that for improvement that u should make the post background a little bit lighter cuz its a little dark as for some viewers may not b able to see the post title.And also to add some stuff to the sides of the post so dat there is always something for them to do or at the bottom of the blog.My last suggestion is maybe to add some more songs to ur F.A.B , FAB playlist as the public may want to choose from a selections of songs to play form the playlist to listen to a song more to their liking! Overall i love ur blog and ur banner making.I hope this blog review is ok.

Jellybeanz16 blog
- Beutiful blog with lots of lovely patterns on the background.I like how your posts are detailed because rather than shorteningthe words like this : how r u , you write the full word and use proper words.Also your post are very intresting which i good so dat the viewers can read on.This isn't a big blog review but i just think ur blog is a stunning blog because u said it urself dat u've just started and already u were able to : put tabs, put up a picture ( of a dog) , put up a banner and cool gadgets to ur blog which is all the things dat i never could do when i started blogging. So i dont have much critisim to give u but my only one is to maybe change the post background colour to a different one cuz ur background is already white and so is the post  so it could make it a bit bright.BUT! Its up to you! U have just started blogging so theres nothing else i can say.Keep doing what ur doing and in about a month time u should start hitting big times viewers.

cupcake1000 blog
- pretty blog with lots of connecting themes.The blog has lots of colors which all match such as the purple theme going on with the grey writing.I really love the fantastic, amazing blog banner, even though it is by pixie (aka a old friend of mine on msp) then that is still ok cuz i kno that in the future u will learn how to make a blog banner or u will feel more confident to put one of urs up eventually.I enjoyed cupcakes pics on the side of her home page with her and her friends. I rlly think that must of been a nice moment she had on msp with her friends and she must of enjoyed that day for her to take a screen capture of it.I rlly like the fact that u give ur copyrights to pixie cuz that just shows how mature u r for not taking the credit for what pixie has done! If i could give a slight suggestion to how i think u could make u blog a bit better then i will suggest that maybe u would want to consider changing the font of ur tabs at the top of ur blog pages. Changing the font will make it a lot easier to read and to see because i found it abit small! Also , maybe u could add a couple of pictures or songs or game to go at the bottom of the page so that ur viewers will be kept entertained.My last change i would consider is changing the post background coulor rather than it being white. Changing the coulor will make the post stand out more as if to say : "LOOK AT ME" so then it will give the viewers attention to read it.I do not think u should change the post background to a dark coulor but a delicat color that gives it more blend to match the rest of ur purple/pink/grey theme! Well done though for making a blog that so outstanding :)

skyblue05 blog
-This blog is very neat and well organised.I like the short posts which means the readers doesn't have to strain to read everything there.It is nice to see that u put at least a picture in every post so that the reader can have the picture to see whats going on.I absolutely love the tips especially the one to get star coins!! I'm gonna try that!! U have a very nice background and theme which is not too goth and too purple but it perfectly blends.I forever like the bottom of ur blog becuz rather than leaving it blank because its the bottom then u filled it in with a picture college which i thought was rather sweet.My only criticism would be that u put some pics or something to fill in the massive spaces on the sides of ur blog so that u blog can b filled with lots of fabulous things for the reader to look at!

CandaceFlynns10012's blog
-This blog is a very exotic and cleverly thought out. I like the idea that you put a spiral background as the background of ur blog because its a very unique background that confuses u when u look at it like an illusion.The best thing about this blog is the big banner which catches ur eye alot and tells ppl abit about u by the words u used in the banner. The size of the banner is bigger than the usual size banner which makes the banner different. It actually is a risky banner because its big but no too overwhelming in size that u cant read what it says and anyway BIGGER is ALWAYS better. I am amazed by the fact also that u draw people moviestars which i think is awesome, 'Could u draw my movie star?Anyway, i will comment u on that lol'. Furthermore, i like the fact that u put pics on the side of the blog to fill in the space and so u blog doesn't look empty and like a blog for loners lol, u actually included ur friends in the pictures which tells me that ur just an ordinary girl who likes to hang with her friends. A negative point that i will have to point out for this blog is that i feel that the bottom bit of the blog needs to be filled in with something because there a big space there and u would want to keep ur audience entertained right from top to bottom of ur blog. Example: It's like going on a rollacoster all the fun happens when u go down. Another thing is that i think u should change the font of ur writing on ur blog because it is sometimes hard to read especially in longer words or the font to make it more clear so the reader can really grasp what ur saying.Lastly i feel that the tabs below ur banner should b more visible by making them bigger just so that more ppl will c them and so they will view ur tabs more and view ur wonderful MSP art.Anyway ur blog is magnificent and spontaneous so please, if u dont agree with anything i've just said then keep the blog just the way it is : ) Thnx 


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