Saturday, 9 August 2014

Loom bands send me ur pics! My Instagram Unlock 16.08.14

Hey Guys,
Long time no c?Eh? So lately i've been making alot of loom bands to give to people because by the 22nd of August i am going to an international convention and i want to make some loom bands to give to the little children. By now i think allot of u should know what loom bands are cuz they are very popular especially in the united kingdom and i think the US as well as other countries.If u dont kno wat loom bands r well they are small rubber bands that come in 300 peices or 600 peices in side a packet and are used to make different bracelet designs with them such as fishtail, chain and dragon scale, starburst and many more..
Shops that sell them are:

  • WHSmith
  • Poundland
  • Woodgreen shopping city
  • Waltham cross market mall
  • Claires
They are not yet sold in Sainsbury's or Tesco's or other supermarket shops.
As u can tell i am an loomaholic (Addicted to loom bands) that why i am in the process of making a Loom band theme blog to express my love for loom bands with u

*PLEASE SEND ME UR PICTURES OF ALL UR LOOMS BANDS OR LOOM BANDS THAT YOU HAVE MADE AND I WILL POST THEM AROUND MY BLOG IN MY NEW LOOM BAND THEME!!!* Send them to me at my NEW blog email : (Keep in mind this is a email i will b using for u guys to send my pics and stuff so plz dont b afraid to send my u pics anyway.)

-Update on Insta-
On the 16th of August, i will b giving u guys my Instagram account that i'm only make for moviestarplanet and my blog. So i will b liking posts and i hope u like mine. Also i follow me and i will follow bck.They will b a couple of pictures of me from time to time also pics of things i do in life  as well as extra footage about me and moviestarplanet, Loom band tutorial and anything u guys request for me to show u on Instagram ~(Apart from where i live)
PLL-Out x
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Things to do i want to do in life, Sad story

Hey Guys,
This is just a short post since i'm going to make another post but this post is something my brother gave me the idea of which is making a list of things to do in LIFE. Now i've made a list of things to do but not in LIFE. This is why from now on i am going to write down all the things I want to do in LIFE meaning before i die!! I cant think of all of them right now but these are the important ones at the moment that i have comes to think of
1)Prepare for driving theory test when i'm 17
2) Pass and take my drivers test when i'm 18
3)Have the perfect bedroom
4) Get another pet
5) Get married
6) Get a new phone
7)Live in a Paradise world
8) Learn how to make the star burst loom
9)Go to Center Parcs again
10) Get another ear piercing on the side middle of my ear.
11) Make sure i always have sky+hd (Best broadband ever)
12)Get gel nails.
but please everyone out there please think about it about the things u wanna do in life and write them down and achieve it. U never kno when ur life is going to end. A dear friend of my died during a half term in february :( he was only 13 and sat next to me. He wass so youngg!
PLL-Out x
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                                                  -IN LOVING MEMORY OF Tahmid Mohammed r.i.p

Monday, 16 June 2014

World cup 2014

Hey Guys,
Lately, i've been busy hanging. Lol. So i went to Pendarren house last week and i had a blasting time. I went with my table tennis team in my school and went : Canoeing , abs sailing , rock climbing , mountains walking , caving and loads more.But now unfortunately i'm back at skl. Recently the world cup has been starting and i used to love the world cup back in my younger dayss but now i feel like i've lost my football touch!! Anyway.. there's only one country that i'm supporting.. comment bellow if u can guess wat it is.
PLL-Out x
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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Spring time music - Being chubby/overweight

Hey Guys,

I have finished with the changes with my blog. I hope you enjoy my music theme and flower theme blog. I made it two themes because that its spring time now going into summer so the flower backgrounds and the bright colors represent spring!! Also the music banner is to represent songs. And recently the most popular song that nearly everyone seems to be loving is : Happy by Pharrel Williams. So i just thought that this blog theme should be about spring and happiness. Then, if u have noticed i have put a couple of quotes around the blog. My favorite quote is the one i put on the right top hand side of the blog. The one about being fat. Now i feel very strongly that people who are fat or (Chubby) feel that they want to loose weight or it is a punishment for them to b fat or bigger than others. But i put this quote for people that feel negatively about thier weight and feel that they r too big. Yes, the quote is about bigger and wider people but it changes that to a positive by saying " the reason why i'm fat is because a tiny person wouldn't be able to store or this personallity." It shows that being big doesnt have to b a bad thing. And sometimes the slightly bigger people have more personailty as well as other sized people. Have any of u guys watched a show on TLC called HONEY BOO BOO? There whole family are big and they know that but that hadn't stop them from making a reality show about their life.Anyway.. I'm starting to go off topic here!!.. lol ok and then i also like the quote i put below about the reason why we have 5 fingers. The quote is obviously not completly true but i just feel that it make U feel more differently about life and y we have 5 fingers lol! Anywayy....The point of my blog theme this time is to just feel happy and live life. Sometime this week, take a chance and leave msp alone for a bit, and go outside and smell the flowers of spring!!!!

PLL-Out x (Going outside to my garden to smell flowers of spring!!lol XD)

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

united msp family

Hey Guys,
I have now updated up my blog BUT not completely...there is still more work to be done! I have also noticed that on MSP that that have changed the login layout on msp. I think it is rlly cool and expresses that msp is for all countries and backgrounds. They have now put in more countries than what they had before which shows they want more languages and DIFFERENT kinds of ppl to come online to msp. If  u think about this, it is pretty, darn osm. It like a mini virtual family from different parents of the world go online to msp. It's just amaz!! I think they should improve it more by having one search bar for friends. So we can search up our friends from different msp's rather than joining theres and we can all be united ::)
-PLL-Out x
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blog update theme & Blog banners

Hey Guys,
So i kno i haven't been posting this april or updated my blog. All that is going to change now because i am going to create a new blog banner and a new theme for my blog today as i still have the old theme since December about snow and how cold it is. I am hoping to do a new theme which is going to b held a secret until my next post. Until then, i am going to decorate my blog for that theme so can u guess what theme it is? If u can then comment below. Speaking of blog banners , i have realized that i've not made blog banners in ages so if there anyone out there that wants me to make then a blog bannner then add me now!!! My username on msp is :  prettyloveline and if u add me then ask me to make u a blog banner then i will make u one.
Remember the payment on the banner is :
1 auto and rate AND comment on a movie of mine
weekends is half price!!! weekends u only pay 1 auto OR watch a movie of mine
PLL-Out x
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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Miley Cyrus look alike

Hey Guys,
I kno i said i was gonna put up a pic of spongebob that i drew, but recently last week i accidentally deleted all my pics from my phone and it had the spongebob pic in it so i forgot to upload it to the blogger before it deleted. My phone never had much pics anyway cuz that 4 weeks ago someone stole my SD card so i lost all my pics from my phone but luckily i uploading the nice ones on my instagram. And yhh about that!!? I still haven't gotten round to making the instagram account yet for prettyloveline but i will just Be PAIENT! I also need to change my blog banner to some kind of summer theme which i dont have time to do yet. Soo if someone out there goes on moviestarplant UK then plz make me a summer blog banner!! U will save me from rushing to make one.Today i was looking at someones blog and i noticed this picture, so i cut out the unnecessary bits but i noticed the pic looks exactly like Miley Cyrus in wrecking ball. Have a look at this below: I'm gonna look for more celeb look alikes on msp!!Lol
PLL-Out x
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