Tuesday, 10 April 2012

MY rap ,MY life

I know this is strange and random to this blog since its about Moviestarplanet well i have decided to do raps every month  and this will be called rap of the month and basically it will be about anything.it could be about Moviestarplanet it could be about daily life and etc.....But what ever it is the Rap will be funny yet random!
so remember to view my blog and post comments about it cuz this blog is going to be awsome!!!There will be new stuff on it every 2 weeks as i will be updating it every 2 weeks.Also i may be putting great video's and movies and the latest fashion tips You can get !!!!the 1st rap will star next month .And i will also be have random word rap. which is when u give me a random word and i will try and include it in my rap by commenting.

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