Saturday, 19 May 2012

New msp character 2

Hey guys as some of you know,
I have another Msp character called prettyloveline22, now that character ,you are probably wondering why i made it.Well, i made so that 1) I can give my other character prettyloveline gifts and  2)Auto's.Its actually a really smart idea,you should try it if you haven't already. But there's a problem i'm on lvl 2. And i am so close to lvl 3.Because when you are lvl 3 your aloud to give gifts but i cant do that. And you are aloud to write on forums.So i need your help to give my new character prettyloveline22 auto's or to help me.If you do then you will win one whisy if your the last to give me an auto or help me with getting to lvl 3.

Thnx 4 Yuhh time,
Kisses Prettyloveline

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