Saturday, 23 June 2012

LegoLand ! x

Hey guysU know the Extra Tab I made,Well... It doesnt seem to be working out, so i think i might delete it or keep in and find another idea for it.Well anyway guess where I went yesterday? I went to LEGOLAND with my class,for a class trip.AND ITS WAS......AWWSHUM.I went on 5 rides. I luvv the pirate fall ride.Some of my friends went on ... "THE DRAGON" which is like... almost the scariest ride of all.But i didnt go on that one.TOOO much of a challange for me,LOL.The coach ride was like abit horrible when we were going to LEGOLAND.Lots of ppl were sick and didnt feel verry well.Coming back was okai I guess cuz it was abit more quiter for some reason,all the singing and stuff that happened when we went to LEGOLAND had all stopped.I think most of us were warned out.(I know i was,lol) I fell asleep for like the whole journey back to school.

If u have been to LEGOLAND,then share ur experience and what happened here on this blog.And to do that just comment on my blog,cuz i would like to hear all about ur trip to legoland and what happened.
Btw,PPL is my new nick name.Instead of always saying "prettyloveline" i have decided that for some post I will write PLL.kwl init?


  1. I'm guessing u live in Florida.. OSM

  2. i dont live in america i live in england,i went to the one in windsor