Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Hey guys,
I'm so close to lvl 5 please help me, the fame points to lvl 5 is 40.000 and i have 36.185 which shows that i am so close to lvl 5 and exactly 3.815 fame points needed till lvl 5. So i am running a competition , the last person to give me an auto before lvl 5 gets one wishy from their wish list and a auto. So far in the lead is Sunhut,who is a friend of mine.Now, ANYBODY can take part but you just have to be on Moviestarplanet.Please help me you will be a hero if u do!!!
Btw-I have 608 star-coins so i got a lot to spend on a gift and auto for you if you are the last person to give me an auto.
Prettyloveline- Out! x

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