Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I have succeeded!

I am Succesful!
Hey Guys,
Somebody fianlly said to me this : Can u make me a banner?
and i said: YES YES YES YES!!!!(Ok maybe not that many yes  but anyway i did feel like saying that)so this is the banner it was for my friend amelia summer and HoppinHug1 for their blog.It was Actualy quite hard to make the banner ,(but not really) but the thing that made it hard was that it was for HoppinHug as well,and as u kno from the previous posts , that me and her dont excatly get along with eachother.But i just put that aside and made an OSM banner! check it out!

And i also put it on the banner tab aswell.WELL.... i'm not sure if me and HoppinHug are friends.She wrote a comment somewhere on this blog saying thank you and all that,But i have to kno if its offical and confirmed.Anyway enough of me talking ,take a look at the banner again. LOOKIE ^

PLL-Out x
Mood: confused/happy! : )

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