Saturday, 18 August 2012

Listen MUMS!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys,
Do u ever feel like u mum doesn't understand what Ur going through?Do u feel like she doesn't kno u well?And do u always get into fights and arguments with Ur mum?And she doesn't understand Like all the changes and emotions u feel,all the problems in life Ur going through,how u feel inside,how u feel at school,And for those of u who have brothers,do u wish u had a sister?
Well,i have done all the above and feel all the above inside me.

So lately i have been seeing posts on people blog about there mum and all that.And away to express ur feeling for her to kno how u feel is though a diary if u want,or u can make one.But if that doesn't work for u then listen to this song or sing this song to her,to show her how u feel.

Its called listen by Beyonce.Cuz its all about the people u love listening to u.Here it is:

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