Friday, 16 November 2012

New and improved

Hey Guys,

My blog has changed and it is way cooler than before I think.So Lets talk about my banner.I made a new banner,Yesh Yesh It Was made by ME: PRETTYLOVELINE.So this banner, i think it is very cool and better than the old one.Now this banner is probably the best banner i have made SO FAR,i think its really special cuz its mainly about me and MovieStarPlanet. Notice that it says "Meet the new prettylovline,The new and improved",I wrote on their becuz i have changed.I have decided  to change myself.I have not changed myself that much but its just my hair lol and my feelings what i mean by that is,... Im tryin to be very good,I'm trying to change my habbit and my life style,I dont think that i'm a good person u see,Its not becuz of anything that happened i just think that i need to be a better person than i was before.You will get this confusing post soon. Ok!! :) I think i need to be a strong person and always be happy,Thats all thats changed : )

PLL-Out x
Mood : Joyful,proud
Random Question: Do u think i'm doing the right thing by changing myself for who I am?

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