Thursday, 10 January 2013

Shipping to Irish and GIFTS!

Hey Guys,
This post is about gifts, now im not tryna sound like a snob and like a spoil brat, but i need to u guys to start giving me gifts on msp,I am not tryna sound pushy or sound eager, Disparate or even like a begger, Now this is the truth, but i have not been given a gifts by someone since last year FEBRUARY!, And i think it is very shocking cuz of how much trades and gifts i have given to ppl, The only person who is giving gifts to me is me cuz i'm even using my prettyloveline22 account to give myself gifts, Plz try and give me a wishy u guys, Inleast just 1 for this year so i kno ppl havent forgotten about me,I am very upset about this.


Alot of you guys, seem to b heading over to the Irish msp cuz msp mentioned about that one the foums,Most of u are saying it is better, i honestly do not kno which one is better, i go on many msp to explore myself on them and to have a sneak peak about what our msp needs but if u would like me to i will have a "Look" at the irish msp to see how it is better than all of the msp's including our one!

PLL-Out x
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