Thursday, 18 April 2013

Leave or stay....??

Hey Guys,
Dis is it!! Were in April and i am gonna tell u guys if i am gonna stay or leave msp!! Ok So first i thought i should leave!! Because when i went on holiday to Turkey, i enjoyed myself and done so many exciting things, i enjoyed life and explored it! Then i thought i should stay because i cant and won't always have a chance to go out and do something fun,There are times i can be free have an blasting time, but what am i gonna do when i have done all that, between it when i'm not doing anything.That is why before on one of my banners i done for myself i wrote : Live life to the fullest or enjoy life to the fullest!! I NO longer write those statements anymore because u could do something rlly OSM today but then tomoro ur life would b back the way it was! Its IMPOSSIBLE to always do something fun. Dat is y i have come to the conclusion to STAY on MSP. I have thought about it long and hard and have read ur comments and messages, ignoring the bad ones. Although i may be staying on MSP, I will only perhaps b coming on once in a while ruffly : 3-4 weeks. The only reason i wanted to leave b4 was becuz i wasn't coming online much and i felt that if i wasnt coming online much, U guys as my friends would delete me from ur friends list and i wont have any friends :( Dats  y b4 i wanted to go on my backup 2nd account prettyloveline22 so that then i wont b wasting ur space in ur friends lists dat way, i can keep doing my blog by just briefly coming on the backup account. Anyway Everything has been sorted, I AM STAYING and i have chosen to come online less on msp and enjoy both lifes, MSP and REAL LIFE.
PLL-Out x
Mood : Relieved
question : Was that clear for u^
P.S- I went horse riding in turkey soo much fun! Got mosquito bite tho.!Yuck!!



  2. I am staying, there from my old post when b4 i thought of leaving but i am staying both on msp and blog! :)