Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Hey Guys,
i kno i havent posted in a loong timee its just i have been busy all this week and i still am!! I kno i said that i am gonna make an instagram account for prettyloveline, but not even that i have time to to.Don't worry guys cuz i promise that i will have more things for u guys to do on my blog. Remember , if u want me to make u a blog banner , plz c me on msp or comment below. Also if u think my blog isnt good as it could b, please take ur suggestions to my questions + suggestion tab above andi will try and take in ur ideas as i want thblog to seem better for u guys!!Soo sorry guys thats all i have for this post (ikr soo not interesting!!)
PLL-Out x
Mood: Happy new years (late)
Random question: Did u notice the new pair of eyes i got on mspi think they r totally Ja'adore!
btw sorry if i seem lyk i'm rushing!

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