Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tired of life

Hey Guys,
So i haven't been posting often because i have been having some problems with my phone as i think someone stole my SD Card so its like my pictures and my music are all gone!! I take a picture of nearly everything and i have so many pictures of me when i went on holiday and pictures of my cousins who are hardly see as they live quite far away.Also pictures of people who have no become my friends!! I am rlly upset, so i just hope i can restore my pictures back x Comment below for a any tips! Also i have been involved in arguments around my house also at school so my life is not easy-going for me at the mo.I don't even have time to go on msp lately i see my new msp bf!! (Omg he's soo nicee x) Lately i got a new bf on msp , he's lvl 5. I dont know why , but this is a message for all of u who do this..

1) U won't go out with some one on msp who is a younger lvl than u!!It is rude and it is even ruder to call then youngers!!
2) They're human and may have a good heart and feeling
3) Dont judge by a look

PLL-Out x
Mood: tired
RQ: Do u like yahoo mail ?