Sunday, 29 April 2012

fashion in date!

Hey Guys, Im gonnna show you all the latest fashion tips on msp and whats lets begin..lets start with this picture down bellow (click to see the picture in a better view)
as u can see in the picture the moviestar that has the writing "me" on it is me lool. so if you can see clearly enough its says new on top of some of the clothes.those are the stuff thats new for this week. I really like the awsome girl top cuz i think it looks great.well anyway now you know what's here is whats good.
so in this one where it says shopping bag under neath it is the stuff that i think goes if you look at my character you will see the clothes.this is the stuff that i like.if you like it yourself u can press wish. and save it as your whislist.but if you have the money for it already then pay and leave.but anyway if you dont like any of these clothes i chose or they just dont suit you then you can always look for something you like in the shopping place on msp

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