Tuesday, 1 May 2012

rapping begins

Hey remeber when i said that rapping thing will take place soon.. in the next month may... well here it is. And i figured because it my mum's birthday i thought why not do a rap about that instead. But even though we dont celebrate birthdays in my family i stil dont want her to feel we forgot about it.so here it goes:

Yo yo,yayo yo. yo yo, yayo, mum your 46 now,your not old,everyone loves you loads and loads. sometimes you act like you a drama queen, sometimes you act super mean, sometimmes you think your losing your hair, but we still love you with all your care. But no matter what you are nasty or mean, you will always mean the world to me. so now you know mum how i feel, everything i said to you is real, but mum i love you with all my might, gimme a hug and hold me tight.

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