Sunday, 6 May 2012

okai guys-its new!! we all know

Hey guys as you may know that msp has changed alot..again... there is a lot of things happeneing now on msp and i think msp is getting better and better and by that i mean the new stuff,not as in the behavior, cuz the behavior is still abit wobbly and there still is abit of hacking going on in msp but anyway that seems to be getting less and less now but like i was saying msp has changed. if i could i would have showed you a before and after pic of msp.but SADDLY, i wasnt able to show you a before pic cuz i didnt take one... SOOO^^^^ i have this after pic of msp of how it looks now.. LADIES AND GENTELMEN,BOYS AND GIRLS,CATS AND DOGS.. I PRESENT TO YOU THR NEW MOVIESTARPLANET!!!!!
soo yehh yehh i know it looks like nothing has changed but its has, let me show you some stuff that has changed and thats new
so there you have it so HA you thought that there was nothing new! WELL I SHOWED YOU!! so to see more clearly of these pictures click on them and to explore more on it then go on to moviestarplanet to see for yourself.

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