Thursday, 14 June 2012

About The Thingy

Remeber my post about the people who were being rude to me on the forum,about the unwanted clothes thing,well this is one of this is one of them"!!!!!!!!!

well if u wanna have a little "chat wiv her" then b free too lol. Her blog adress is:
 shes just so mean so be careful,she might even put u on her blog but in a rude way!!


  1. this is horrible of u i hav said sorry and all i did was put wht u said on the forum on my blog u made the forum u should of thought about it it has wen tonline on moiestarplanet so why should U care if i put it on my blog i bet we r both rlly rlly nice ppl just we r gettign the worst out of eachothe plz can this be over

  2. now u know how i feel dont ya,well u know what,i am done with you,I GIVE UP,if u r not gonna say sorry to me LIKE U MEAN IT,then This stays.OH AND BTW IF U REALLY MENT SORRY U WOULD DELETE THE POST ABOUT ME AND I WILL DO THE SAME.

  3. Hey im glad this fights over now im jess on ma phone btw thx for banner on me and amelias blog