Friday, 15 June 2012

New Me!!!!

Hey guys,
I dont normally update the blog so many times in a week,but this one is an emergancy.Hey remeber the girl I posted about yesterday saying shes rude and stuff well she is rude calling me greedy and more,(I hope u have checked her blog on the website i put up for u yesterday cuz it says it all there,) well please see it cuz she is rude.Also even though she called me greedy when ur checking her blog on the webiste scrool down and u will see all the comments.Well,.. the last one which has the date of 15 june 2012,yeh well thats the one I want u to look at expecially cuz that one is from me and its says alot of stuff in it.So.. when she called me greedy I FIANALLY got over it.(but not that much anyway)and i would like u to read it and take ur time cuz it says that"though she called me greedy and lots of other rude stuff,im the one being mature about this and I know how i'm gonna turn out verry well in life."and thats said by me on the 13th or 12th line in that paragraph.SOO I learnt that when someone is rude to you walk away and if ur doing things right and the other person is doing it wrong then u should know that ur the bigger person who is taking this seriously and in a responisble,mature matter.I would like to show you this click of Tracy Beaker about responsiblity and being the bigger mature person that you can be!

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