Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dissapointing,sad new for u all

Hey Guys,as u know i have being running this blog since,March 2012 (11/03/12) and now we are in June 2012 - present .I am verry happy that my blog is a success and i am getting lots of viewers and people seeing my blog like SO much everyday.But unfortuanately, i have not gotten any commets from my blog.I have had one commet from someone but that was from "Hoppinhug1" who was writng some kind of complaint to me.But besides that i have NOT gotten no REAL commets.And i find it really upsetting becuz i kno u enjoy my blog and u like it,cuz that why ur comming to see it,But when u dont comment its kinda like u dont apprecitate the work and effort i put onto the blog.If u may know i have taken alot of my spare time to use on this blog.So plz try and commet,ur comming on my blog now,which is GREAT.But i really need inleast some commets to show that u appriecate the work i do on this blog.I know some of u dont kno how to comment on blogs,but i will show u soon how to on this blog.But for the meantime if u can try and see how to,then try and comment.I dont want this blog to be shutdown and get No comments,And i dont think u would either,do u?
PLZ try and commetn show me that U DO care for what i do on this blog.I luv this blog and i luv ALL u guys and fans out there who luv my blog.This blog gives me a chance to shine,and show the world some of the most amzing things i can do and what u can do on moviestarplanet.I dont want all my writing to go to waste.

PLL-Out x :(
Mood: Sad

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