Monday, 2 July 2012

Beware of Anonymous

Hey guys,
as some of u may kno that there has been a really serious hacker going around on Msp,trying to hack people.Now u may think this is not a big deal cuz lots of clubs get hacked all the time,Well this hacker is a really dangerous,scary one.
Let me tell u a few things about her,A.K.A-Anonymous:
-She can appear almost anywhere
-Showed up in the level 5 chat room,when shes only lvl 1
-She is freaking everyone out,and scaring every1 even me
- She can show up on the Msp screen when u log in(she came up on my screen today)
- She WAS a deleted user but some made herself come back
-She wrote a forum but she is lvl 1 and lvl 1 cant do forum's just lvl 3+
-She is spooky!!!!
-She tried to hack lvl 20's and up
-She hack isacool

Now look at all the things i have listed above ^^^.There are nine things that are listed,If u see anyone like that then beware of anonymous,I suggest to everyone to change UR PASSWORD.No matter how long it is,or how long it takes u to find a new password,JUST CHANGE IT NOW.
Let me tell u how it all began.... Actually nah,I'm tired of writing now let me just show u a clip which is been made my a fellow moviestar in moviestarplanet,to tell u what happened instead....

Soo that has explain eeverything i think...
well this is what she looks like:
purple hair
black trousers
purple summer hat
and a bra(and when i mean a bra,i actually mean a bra cuz she wears no tops)


  1. Hey How do u put youtube stufff on

  2. u 1st go on a utube video that u like then at the bottom it should say "share" u click share the u got 2 ways on how to add a utube video on ur blog.the 1st one is...
    1)is.. go on embed then u will see a code there with letter and puntuation and all that,so go on copy then go on ur blog then go on layout then go on add a gadget and go on HTML/JAVA SCRIPT then paste the code on there and type in the title at the top.Now thats one way which is the long way

    the short way is..
    2)go on the video that u like then go on share then on the side it should say less in about meduim writing then it will have an arrow next to on the arrow and go on the blogger sign which is a big "B" in the middle on a orange square.then a post will come up and have the video in it and it will have the name of the video then u click publish post and it will publish then u go back to ur blog and refreash the page and it should have the video there.and if u wanna add writing to it then just put writing around the video and then click publish.
    there u go i hope that answers ur question