Friday, 1 June 2012


As most of you guys know,
That yesterday was the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.And it will be carrying on till in least Tuesday,My school had a Queen Jubilee tea party,were we had cucumber sandwiches,(which are the Queen's favorite sandwiches) ,And we had cupcakes.It wasn't that good of a tea party though,i will give it 5/10.

Wanna know how celebrate the queen's jubilee?
1)You could have a tea party with your friends and have cucumber sandwiches.
2) You could make crown's with your friends then have a contest to see who made the best crown.
3)You could make sign's and posters to advertise the Queen's Jubilee.
4)You could dress up in fancy dress with your friends and pretend to be the Queen.
5)You could have a Queen fancy dress at home then invite all your friends and relatives and family.

So there you have it a way to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.

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