Friday, 1 June 2012

Rude people

Hey guys,
so i made a forum on MSP on fashion called : UNWANTED CLOTHES HERE WE GO!
then i said : If u have any unwanted clothes or items then plz give them to me.
and they have to be.
1)good condition
2)non VIP
Then......... Everyone started commenting rude stuff on the forum saying i'm greedy and dumb.And i actually think that i was being nice and not greedy, cuz all i was saying is if u have any unwanted clothes give em to me.But they didn't have to click if they didn't have any.That actually broke my heart when every single one of them said i'm greedy. They embarrassed me infront of like all most all of the world.So i have reported lots of them,But there was some people who were nice so i gave them an auto and said thnx.But i am so glad its not longer on the forums any more!!!
FEWWW!!!! (That's a relief) That's the last time i'm EVER putting up a forum about unwanted clothes.
But there still is one question i don't get? Everyone else says if you have unwanted clothes to give them to them.But why not me! How comes they wont give there unwanted clothes to me and instead be rude to me?

This question make me clueless????
mood: not sure

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