Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Anonymous hiding/Stuff

Hey Guys,Remember when i mailed MSP about Anonymous? Well... They never answered back to me about the situation with her. But i think i know whats going on now,I think shes now deleted and out of msp for good.Thats just what I think.I dont EXCATLY know if its for good maybe shes just deleted.I kno about this stufff from MSP forums and because one of my friends is called: Valentime, and she does this news forums on msp and says what is happeneing and all the news. So right at the moment i think Anonymous is stayed down low now.Anyway can everone plz stop the fake anonymous thing cuz we all need to kno if shes really gone or if shes just hiding.But not only that,Its also scaring people SO PLZ STOP,and act mature everyone.

OK and also for some of u,u will be ending school this friday like i am.And that becuz....... YAYYYYY ITS THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS!!!!! So everyone keep coming on this blog and there will b more and more fun stuff for u all to do such as:
hear music
fun post about what to do for the holidays
more posts each day
and much,much MORE!!
Now here is a song by Miley Cyrus that i want u to listen to.its OSM,(Awshumness,lol) this song will certainly get u in the mood for ur holiday...

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