Monday, 23 July 2012

The Layout and Background/Banner

Hey Guys,
I am trying to change my blog background so during the holidays keep Ur eyes peeled for the background cuz this is not gonna b my my real background that i have now. BTW if u kno some easy good background websites then comment on this post NOW!Also I'm tryna change the layout and add more gadgets to use on  the blog.I also want to try and make a NEW blog banner.The one that i have now is rubbishy and it was me who made if u have a blog and Ur really good at making bloggie banners then mail me on msp or comment and i will get u to make me one and i will take a look at it and perhaps put it on the blog.But i want to b inside the blog banner so if u can try and add me.My name is : Prettyloveline fr those of u who are new to my blog,OR for those of u who have STILL not learnt my name from Moviestarplanet.So that's all for now,the point is just keep Ur eyes open(not literally BTW)and trust me,this blog is going to be awesome.
Enjoy Ur lovely holiday PPL,
I will try and put up a post for ways to enjoy Ur holiday
PLL-Out x

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