Friday, 6 July 2012

a letter 2 MSP

Hey Guys,I am going to write a letter to MSP about anonymous since she is still going around hacking people and all that.(Btw her account got deleted so her new account is: Miss anonymous,but i have no idea anyway why she even bothered to make a new account when she got soo manyy,LOL)Well anyway it went a little something like this.....
Btw i covered my email so u cant see it


So thats it for now on this post... I will tell u soon another time what they said back ok.
bye x
PLL -Out x


  1. Dear Msp
    my friend got hacked the other day like i did when i was vip even though its a good game i think it would be best to make sure people making hacker names and hacking people should be banned from it but its a good game but i think we should just get rid of the hackers and ban people who are being mean to u
    from keira also known as sheeba 12

    1. I'm not part of the msp crew but u can go on the msp club and mail them there and hopefully they will reply back.They didnt reply to my letter tho O_o