Tuesday, 10 July 2012

What did i do?

Hey Guys,just so u kno i think this blog has been hacked by someone,becuz when i went on yesturday just to check things,then it said my blog had been hacked by a person or its not working.Well,anyway luckily there are no changes to the blog and it seem's that i got everything back to normall,so lets just hope it stays that way and my blog is alright and no imformation was exposed,(even though,i didnt have important info).

now u are probably wondering,why on earth did i pick the title of this post to be called : What did i do?Well u will find the answer.......
I went on msp yesterday and i was talking about anonymous to my friend,(we were just saying beware of her and all that)then.. i typed in her name to my friend and out came this note here saying..

See?and i didnt even do anything.

BTW soz to scare u if it said "i anonymous" yh i am not anonymous it was just that i was rushing what i was writing.

clickyclick to enlarge

Then it said this.... "You won't be able to chat for 5 minutesOK, OK.I kno what Ur thinking,5mins isn't long yush  i kno its not but every time i wanted to write her name or something it just had this :*********
then they kept giving me warning every time which was long.And BTW that was my 1st Eva warning in MSP.Well anyway hopefully things will go back to normal like my blog.
Soo guys the answer to the question at the very top above^^^^ is...NOTHING!!!!!there giving me pointless warning for just saying someone's name.

PLL-Out x


  1. omfg i h8 anonymous!!
    btw its me Rockchick953 ur friend from moviestarplanet!!!

  2. i kno,hi,im gonna write about u on my blog btw