Sunday, 5 August 2012

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend,REALLY??

Hey Guys,
I kno this post may be a LLLLLLLITTLE LATE,Okay!Maybe a LOT late,but still,How do u guys feel about the diamonds?I mean come on really,I went on Msp one time and i saw lots of post about the diamonds.Do u think the diamonds should be with the VIP package or by itself??Cuz I certainly think the diamonds should be for both Non VIP's and VIP's and my reasons being is this: 1) Everthing is now for VIP's only now,since when was the last time US Non VIP's had something special??The last time we had something special was from when they 1st made MovieStarPlanet.2) Wouldn't it be better if Non Vip's could work for the diamonds and VIP'S could buy the diamonds?? 3)Almost everyone wants to turn VIP now cuz there are diamonds involved in it.Some VIP'S are saying they no longer feel like a real VIP cuz they dont have the diamonds,And when someone said that on a forum i said this:so what if u dont feel VIP inleast u should b thankful that ur even on MSP and u lvl up faster BECUZ U R A VIP...And thats what i said. So my point is .. ARE U AGAINST DIAMONDS OR NOT???

PLL-Out x


  1. You know we ARE paying customers the Manager Cannot be faulted if you think it's not 'Fair' if ur parents dont wanna get it for you enter a competition! We Keep the site up sooooo yeah.

  2. i think its better is we have to earn diamonds for free,let me give u an example: when it runs out then wouldnt u want more diamonds and vip,so instead of buying more just earn more! :)