Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Why,WHY AnD DouBlE y????

Hey Guys,
This post is about forums,Im asking why do people make fake or scary OR even embarrassing forums on MSP??Sometimes when im On MSP just looking for something to do i went on forums and i saw all these nasty forums some that r negative too like : An earthquake just hit earth,the only thing to save u is... or,rate the person above u out of ten or,would u hug,slap,kiss ect.. the person above u or, some forums even say i got cancer and all that so give me a gift.1)u cant force ppl to give u a gift and 2)some of them are just pretending and its not nice to pretend.alot of people are fighting it.A teacher from my school is fighting it and also i kno someone else who is on MSP and there fighting it too and that person is...Miss.M.Oh and also plz don't make nasty gross story's or embarrassing forums like :i hate this person an all that.sometimes little kids are on MSP like they could b younger than U!! although MSP is for children 9-14 so no one younger should b on unless ur turning nine.Cuz even though ppl are not allowed to swear on clubs ppl do anyway or say nasty discussing stuff and its not good for the children expecially when some children have not done SRE (sex relationship education)
So bascially it sometimes ok to do some of the stuff above but not all of it.Little children are on the site and people get into trouble when their child learns something bad.If u see a bad forum remember to delete it if u can and kno how to if u don't kno how to then ask someone one the help forum or on msp.

PLL-Out x

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