Friday, 10 August 2012

How to be VIP without actually being one?

Hey Guys,
In today's post we will b answering the question above ^^^ which is : How to b VIP without actually being one? OK so Lots of Moviestars on MSP are saying this > "i wanna b a VIP", "I wanna b VIP but my parents won't let me"Now i figured a solution to being a VIP without being one,but this solution only works with clothes and BTW its NOT hacking. OK so lets say u wanna buy a peace of clothes from the clothing shop.And there's a peace u really love,but it just happened to be VIP and ur not one,so this is the solution.

ok so say this is the peace of clothing u wanted,this is what i can do,and what u can do to.

find the clothing that looks similar to it then, change the colors and make it look like the dress in the picture. and wallah look at the picture below!

i found the similar dress to the one at the top then i change some of the colors and made it look the same.the dress at the top is VIP and the dress here < is non VIP.And all this was very easy.You can do it to more clothing aswell like the : pleat power and the ice cream parlor top,or the just Elegant and the party lady dress,or the,sequin smileses and the Boho top.

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