Monday, 13 August 2012

Blog Banners

Hey Guys,
I have decided to start making blog banners for people since i relised im realy good at it.Wanna kno how i came up with dis idea?OK well.. It all started when......ACTUALLY,to cut the story short,bascially what happened was when i told  * Pixie 121 * to make me a blog banner and she said yesh,then she made it and i wanted a few minar ajustments so while she was tryna do the few changes to it , i started making my own blog banner and tadah!i made one.its at the top of my blog,if u hadent i told pixie to forget it now cuz i made one alreday and then i paid her.So thats how i relised i was abit good at it,the only reason i didnt kno was becuz i didnt kno that there was a website to cut and snip things and since then i have been good at it.

So if u would like me to make u a blog banner then comment on the tab:blog banners ,where i will b putting the price of the blog banner that u must pay and all the blog banners i have made for people.BTW dont think im copying people cuz im not cuz everyone now makes blogs banners and its just a good idea,btw even if i am copying ,which im not then,then it wouldnt matter cuz blog banners seem to b popular now.

So mail me on MSP if u want a blog banner,but i suggest that u dont cuz sometimes the MSP mail doesnt really get to me but u can try and mail me on msp and comment on my blog so i will probably see the message.
PLL-Out x
Stay tuned for more posts

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