Saturday, 18 August 2012

The hater of the day!

Hey Guys,
OK,to get things straight I don't usually write these kind of post cuz i find it abit rude an offensive but this DEFIANTLY person deserves to b humiliated on here!Hes mean!Hes posh,Hes absolutely rude!He says hes rich lol i bet not!Hes stupid!Hes immature!Hes THIS GUYS >>> Simran804 and this is him>>>

This my fellow lovely people,is Simran804,And trust me u don't want to b near him,I was in the games room playing card games then Simran just started saying pick 1 and all that and cheating,so i told him kindly to stop and he continued then he started calling me names and everyone was hating him and i started being rude to him.OK  i admit it , it was a tiny bit my fault for being a little rude but he started it with the name calling and acting like a drama queen,(And Yesh, i do mean dram queen even though he is a boy, because he spoke so posh like a girl) He also kept on sayin his rich an all that and that he carry's money in his pockets lol.If his rich then 1)he should get a makeover and 2)give his clothes back to the 70s and 3)take those stitches off.He acts as if hes the mayor in town.Dont b friends with dis person,OR things may get

PLL-Out x

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