Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Weird times at the lvl 5 chat room!

Hey Guys,
This post is Obviously about weird time at the lvl 5 chat room!So i was in the lvl 5 chat room and i saw some really strange things.Everyone where lying down.Well its hard to explain and I'm done talking right now,Soo... take a look at it in this picture urself then if u dont believe me?!

See, strange right!! I mean come On!how can u not called that strange.And the really funny bit that's there is in the picture is that  I'm smiling.LOL.I have no idea while im smiling,i think its becuz i found an autograph on the floor and i clicked on it and i played the game and won 10 fame so i was smiling and then i took the picture at the wrong time lol anywayz.I will look for more piccys!

PLL-Out x

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