Sunday, 2 September 2012

My 1st Msp clothing

Hey Guys,
Sorry i have not posted much,Well? do u know why?Yep,Yep and Yep! OK!so for those of u who are clueless and have no idea what i'm saying yep about well its this..its because i am getting ready to start school back cuz school starts THIS WEEK!!!!! WAH! WAH! WHAA!!!!!!! WAAAAA!!!!! i dont wanna go back 2 school! Anywayz the good news for me is that i''m starting secondary school this week on Tuesday.(Soz guys i wont tell u what school i'm going 2) anyway so lookie at this..

its the very 1st peace of clothing that i wore when i 1st started MSP,when i was level 0 or lvl 1. I still like it tho cuz i think it very stylish but many people are saying that the clothes that u get when ur lvl 1 or zero are lvl 1 or zero clothes.And u kno what!!!I absolutley hate when people say that!!! cuz lets say u got hacked or something on msp and the only clothes u had was the clothes u had when u started msp wouldnt u not wear it?the clothes that i had when i started msp i actually think they are nice and that its speical cuz it reminds me when i began MSP and they can actually save ur life if u have been hacked and u got no more clothes to wear.Plz think when you are saying that there are lvl 1 or lvl 0 clothes cuz all clothes are speical clothes and clothes are clothes.Even if the clothes make u look like a high lvl or not,clothes are clothes.We should all b happy that we have clothes on MSP cuz i kno some clubs u need to earn clothes and at the very begging when u join ur even naked cuz u cant afford clothes.

PLL-Out x

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