Saturday, 8 September 2012

Ishacool's 25th

Hey Guys,
OK! You all know ishacool Right?Well this post is about her,Now its nothing rude so dont worry!ok so it seems that everyone on moviestarplanet almost actually,say that they love ishacool.and they admire her and all that,But i dont get why they actually say that.Just because shes a high level than all of us doesnt mean she famous and all that.U could say she is popular cuz she is at the top of moviestarplanet but why do u REALY admire her? Do u admire her because shes a high level OR because shes nice or what then?! Here an example: someone is 5 years old right? then another person is 15, do u only admire the person who is 15 cuz there older that the person who is 5.Think about it PEOPLE! So im gonna make a forum right now then im gonna say who do u admire in moviestarplanet and then im gonna see what everyones reply is.WATCH OUT FOR MY NEXT POST!

Btw im not saying i hate ishacool,i like her and admire her too,but i only admire her cuz of how much effort she out into reaching level 25.Anyway just me opinion x
In order to admire isacool like i do then u have to understand who she is and play real around her and dont act like this : "Hey its isacool in the level 5+ chat room,can u give me an auto" seee< plz dont do that to her,shes a normal person just like us who happeneds to b lvl 25,give her a break cant she relax in the lvl 5+ chat room for just 5mins?Thats soo not cool if yuh do dat.
 PLL-Out x

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