Thursday, 13 September 2012

Racism towards me!?

Hey Guys,
This topic is about racism.In Msp there has been tones of racism and its all getting out of controll.u may not see it , but i certainly do.and i think this form of racism is D.I.S.S.C.U.S.T.I.N.G!!!!
Disscusting!And y did u bring this topic up? Well lookie here...(Down bellow BTW,if u got lost,lol)

So basically.this person put up a forum saying do u want a child? so i mailed her saying i want a child on msp,for me and my bf on msp and that i wanna be the mum.and she said that she will b it,the child,but she said that she will only be it,if i do this.....

How nasty and rude is she...??
i hope none of u r like that because that is
not the way that someone should be treated
PLL-Out x
Mood- upset and mad!!!!


  1. Omg that is so rude i would never do that to my friends and ur one of my friends x anyway its still rude if u aint friends!! :O

  2. excatly shes so nasty i hate people who are like her

  3. thts mean !!! i swear on ma life i would die if some1 said tht 2 me shes awful make up prettyloveline im soo sorry bout tha past

  4. Thats Awful How Could Someone Say Tht .
    Well My Bff Is Coloured Like Ur Skin On Msp. I Don't Like Saying Tht she's "Black" I Think Saying That To Someone Is Awful . She's From "New Calidonia" . It's a tiny Island on da map it's tht Small That u can Berly see it on da map x :)

  5. It is rlly mean!! Whats her name?

  6. im not sure look in the picture and u will see