Sunday, 7 October 2012

BHM & Other history!

Hey Guys,
as some of may know already that it is black history month.Black history month or (BHM as i call it).. is a month celebrate black peole who have made a difference to the world.So about the post about the gurl who is racist, im gonna continue that post cuz it is not finshed but also it relates to black history month.Now some people think that black history month is racist.I dont think its raicst because throught the year we here about white people doing soo much amazing things.I think thats good but they never mention about black people.They do actually but only on black history month.So i believe that black history should be taught whenever.It shouldnt just be taught on black history month.We live in a world that is a free world.Free country.i mean! and i think that black history and all other kinds of history should be equaly we should learn the same amount of each thing

PLL-Out x
Note : Sorry for not replying and posting to stuff on my blog im gonna take control of that,its because i went to a party and i got a new outfit for it.Will show u the outfit on my blog,kk bye now x


  1. Isn't black history month in February?

  2. No i thought that too but alot of schools are saying its october ok? x