Sunday, 14 October 2012

Lookin For number 1 FAN

Hey Guys,
Sorry i havent been posting new post for yuh i have been busy but im a little free this week.So This post is about number 1 fans.Ok so this is realy straight foward this post.And bascially i want to know who out there is my number 1 fan. Cuz i realy wish i had a number 1 fan. And the reason being is because i wanna see what u people think of me.Am i rude ? Am i quite? Am i loud and annoying? I HAVE to know.Cuz if any of u guys dont like me then i wanna find out what it is or why it is so i can maybe change.So on msp i will be looking for that special someone who is my number 1 fan.(So a number 1 fan is someone who likes u and thinks ur special) But if i cant find my number 1 fan then that probably means that no one are a fan of me.Guys this post is important to me.maybe not to u but to me! I have people come up to me saying im great and all but i dont kno how great i am.So write a comment on this post or perhaps on the question and suggestion box and tell me how u think of me and if ur a fan of me!

This is a realy confusing post Init?? : S

Mood : Thinkin deeply.


  1. I think your one of the greatest people for MSP bloggers cause I like how you tell what you think and how you ask for other people's Opinion instead of just your own. I'M YOUR #1 FAN :)

  2. Aww thnx i wish i knew ur msp username so i can add u

    1. I'm iPanda x) And Make Sure You Put A Space