Sunday, 25 November 2012

Geo's Color

Hey Guys,
Sorry i have not updated my blog in like almost 2 weeks.Been Busy OK?Well anyway,this post is a short post about Geo's.To be honest, cuz i'm not gonna lie,But i dont kno much about Geo's.But anyway Geo's Are back in MovieStarPlanet.Msp decided to get rid of them cuz they wanted to put new things it the shop and becuz they thought that not many people were wearing Geo's.Well they are back,check for yourself NOW in the msp shop and grab yourself a Geo today(I kno i will,cuz when they were there i never got one,Ooops! My Bad!) So yeh Just so u kno,Geo are a kind of skirt in Msp.The full name : Geometrio Skirt
Anyway sorry guys i do not kno much about Geo's , I will try and find out more about them.And show u some pictures in what great colors they can come in such as : white and pink,white and purple,white and,yellow..... Basically anything adding the color of white!!!!

Pssss Down Here: I got a secret to tell you....... Look down this post

Are you sure??? if not look away......

Look out for my 101th post lol.

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