Wednesday, 28 November 2012

1 Level only

Hey Guys,
Msp has changed again!! Wait Hold on Hold on!!!!! Msp keeps on changing, So if you think im gonna be the one to tell u about whats changed then u must be out of ur mind!!! uh huh yeh...Right So i have almost reached lvl 6.I only need 1 fame it lvl 6.So i am doing the usual comp that i always do when every i'm close to a lvl. The last person to give me an auto till lvl 6 gets an auto everyday for 2 whole weeks~!!!! So that means 60 FAME FOR TWO WHOLE WEEKS BEBEHH!! So pleaase try and help.It's honestly not much to ask for init cuz it's only 1 fame! And if u think ur just gonna waste ur autos,its not a waste cuz if u win then u get autos back soo its not like any of ur autos are going down the drain.YESH YESH and i will remeber to say ty at the end of the comp.

Guys look out for my 101th post - on 80th post
PPL-Out x
Mood : Chilled out x
P.s- Happy international Geo day,today ~ A day we celebrate the come back on Geometric skirts on MSP.

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