Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hey Guys,
Thanks for the 6,000 page viewers, So yh thnx,So guys this main post is about phones,
About iPhone's or androids and stuff like that..So yh on Wednesday i went on msp on the iphone msp app, cuz i fianally downloaded it on my mums phone (btw i do have my own phone so do think i dont have one,(not gonana tell ya wat kind tho) but its not an iPhone ) and i thought it was soo cool cuz i normally go on the laptop or on computer but never on the iphone and i just thought it was quite amazing, and cuz my brother and my dad and my mum have got i phone all of them, i phone 4s,(yh it quite confusing when it comes to charging the phones around the house) so i can go all of them on the phone which is yh amazing.. So for any of u who are thinking of downloading the msp app, Well u should as soon as u can cuz the background and the way they just created everything is just great!They give u two gifts free lovely ones a well.Not very good explanation i kno but still, its good!

I kno its quite late of me of downloading the msp app, it cuz my mum forgot her apple id pass so i had to change it for her,but yh dont think im soo far behind in the latest trend, cuz trust me! i kno wats in and wats Out x

PLL-Out x
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RandomQuestion : How cold is it for u? Very? Lol! Winter dayz..!!!
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