Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Show Msp app

Hey Guys,
So since it has been snowing recently like soo much.. i am soo happy cuz i love the snow, and this was around the time i was born, cuz i am born november so there it lots of snow around that time and i am used to all the snow! AND also cuz its snowing i get to finsh skl early soo thats also good!
Ok, so about the msp app, another think that i discovered is that when u play a game on it, that's dress up swipe game then, u earn like 10coins each time which is OSM, WICKED!? LOL O_o.
So today i looked on my account and i had 880sc, which was a surprise to me cuz i thought i only had 228sc so i guess the msp app is realy working for meh?Try it!I Recommend it!Ho Ho Ho! Winter dayz! :)

PLL-Out x
Mood : Joyful
Random Question : Do you get lunch money for school?
93rd post. if watch out for my 101th post, and u remember and tell me, then u get something special lol.
My kitten's birthday today he's now 1 years old.He still looks small tho for hes age.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRETTYLOVELINE'S KITTEN!!! By the way thanks for following my blog :)