Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Rocky's Miracle 2 lvl 6

Hey Guys,
A miracle happened just like on the night before NEW YEAR!! I reached lvl 6 ,Ahh Yayyy!! So yh that comp that i put on my bubble that who eva gives me the last auto till lvl 6 gets an auo everyday for 2 weeks !!! Well yeh my very close friend :Rocky953 won it. And i am soo happy that i'm lvl 6 now and i am soo happy that she helped, cuz she has been experiencing some hard times on Msp,cuz alot of people are saying mean things about her and are making characters saying : Go die rocky " and such, and shes always gettin locked out of msp.So I'm just glad that this true friend has taken the time to inleaast give me an auto after all shes been through,Shes been having to change her character from Rockchick953 to Rocky53 so WELL DONE!(For trying to put up with things)

Anyway So here is my fame bar,when they give u a note saying : CONGRATS YOUR LVL 6,then they will give u 3 options for a gift u can get to celebrate ur lvl, u can only choose 1 gift tho so i choose this one:

Click to makiee bigger

PLL-Out x
Mood : Wowed
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