Monday, 31 December 2012

BucketList And emails

Hey guys,
I only have this week left til i start school again!! OUU Noo...!!!,So i have made a bucket list Things i wanna do before something)And i'm gonna try and complete all the things on my bucket list, its a bit long well not rlly but i dont think i will have time to type them down but anyway,I hear a lot of u are Still on about anonymous so i want u guys to have a look on my post called : Still on.. cuz i'm Prweetty Suree now that all stuff about her is O.V.E.R- OVER! So if ur still concerned or u wanna talk to me about it or anything to do with a post on my blog,then i have made a blog email,Yes a blog email, Specifically for u guys to mail me about any post which your are not sure about,Normally i dont like to answer emails with my email but i made a new blog email so yh just mail me on there,No silly messages to me tho,I dont hav time to open silly joke messages.My Email (just for u guys to message me about stuff on msp ) is :  BTW its not my original email just me new email for u guys to mail me.

PLL-Out x
Mood: Alright
Random Question : Are u gonna stay up for New year...I am??
Btw i will add ppl on my blog email and my name is on there : Prettyloveline.BR (which stand for prettyloveline blog replys)So yh just mail me about anything which u think worrys u to do with anonymous and things on msp. Anyone who is rude will be deleted,No hackers plz. 

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