Saturday, 23 February 2013


Hey Guys,
Unfortunately it's back to school soon on Monday for me that is x But luckily i don't have school on Tuesday which is great!So yh,about my other post about my MSP HELPLINE, ( well i decided to put my idea on a forum to see wat everybody else though of it,and well,things did not go successfully!
Ok as u can see in the pic above,only on person has commented!!! First it happened to my safer day artiee and now its happening on forums too!!?? Plus if u look below,NONE OF MY FRIENDS ARE ONLINE-for the FIRST time!!!Since when have people backed away from me!! Come on back!! i don't bite.Anyway, i am still gonna mail msp somehow or get the moderator to know my idea.I wont GIVEUP!<
Although i think it is pretty lonely how non of my friends were online on the day!! come on guys,What did i do wrong?Plus- i need more viewers on my blog guys,Thnx for the 7498 but i think we CAN do better.
Hey guys and also,I am getting roller blades soon! I am going to order them next week and they should come that week they said!Anywayz bye x

PLL-Out x
Mood: Tired
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