Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Hey Guys,
This is my 2nd time doing a 2nd post of da day lol.So yh,Just in msp and it got me thinking..Why dont we have an MSP HELPLINE and it could b put in the right bottom corner of the msp page.By where our friends feet on msp are.Because i see a few people on the forums saying that there having a few technical problems with msp now and i don't blame them.There's been so much glitches lately, i once logged on and it said i was a VIP with 900sc,and i see people on forums getting a similar problem too, when u see stuff like this u shouldn't say : U WISH to the person,Becuz it actually DOES happen,Msp is changing alot so alot of weird stuff is happening regarding the internet connection aswell.If we has an MSP HELPLINE then it should b like a phone icon,and we should b able to click on it and then it should kinda pop up with an msp staff at the side.And maybe they should b a blank bar next to it,to type in the problem were having maybe they can help us with: the glitches people may get or the slowness aswell , cuz it sometimes can get slower in the chat rooms when it's full,or the way it take long for something to load,or how sometimes MSP logg u off becuz they say u need: Flashplayer or sumfin like that.U could just b able to type sumthing in like that then msp should give us the advice of what to do in less than 24hrs !I am going to message msp,or do a forum or just contact msp about my idea.

PLL-Out x
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>it Soo unfair if ur a non member or vip becuz we should all have the best of msp<

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