Saturday, 23 March 2013

Back on Track

Hey Guys,
I see alot of u on msp comming up to me and mailing me saying dont leave dont leave, thnx for ur support in helping me to decide if i should leave or not, i was actually quite surprise of the amount of people who wanted to add me and about 13 messages i saw on msp.I actually rlly thought dat only 3 people will notice that i am thinking of leaving. Well?!, not to worry becuz like i said i am to reaveal my decision weather to leave or not in april,So there is still abit of time.But since i am having a lot of u wanting to b my friend now, Plz not just on deicde to be my friends becuz u want my account.I kno i said dat if i do leave then i might do a comp to c who can have it..but i REALLY dont think u SHOULD get ur hopes up , becuz i just think dat it's just plain greed! to only start to take intrest in me becuz of my lvl 6 account.Anyway it's MY decision, and i think u all must kno that by now.Now the deadline for u guys to tell me your thoughts and feeling about me thinking of leaving will b 15 April, and dats becuz i am going on holiday on april 8th,and will b back by then.Guys just so u kno IF i do leave then my blog will still continue...Dont forget to b mailing me on my blog hotmail...i forgot the password but hopefully i can make a new one or remeber it again.My blog email is if u want to chat to me but msp keep blocking wat ur saying..or other stuff!! Byee.. will said pics of stuff and music, Dunno y?!

Random Question: How long have u been on msp 4?
I am back on track aren't I?Been starting to do more post 4 u guys