Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Feelin' the G Word..

Hey Guys,
So sorry i have not post proper post on my blog for like a long time, I hav been quite busy lately,
with school and i knew that dis might happen!! for the past few weeks i have tried to focus more on skl and to get homework done and just to make teachers HAPPY! I think i have done dat well! Today i have academia achievement day where i come in skl wiv my parent/s to see what i have i have achieve through out my skl so far..we have no lessons but have just been told to come in skl at my appointed time.And i have been trying to release who i am and what i wanna b when i grow up,I do kno wat i wanna b but i dont kno how i am going to make it a job!Anyway going to turkey in two weeks time for a week!! In a special hotel!!!wo woahh! Yh!So i will take some pics and b4 i go i will try and post as many post as i can to pay you guys back for all the post i have missed!! I truly feel GUILTY!

Mood: Guilty
Random question: What books hav u read dis week?
P.s- I was soo busy that i even didnt post my blog anniversary which was March 11th OOops! :( 1 year of having a blog, completely missed the date!!!
remember to mail me on .. if u have made a blog banner but dont have a blog to show me it, or if u want to talk about something important regarding any posts and u are unable to tell me on msp for instants becuz maybe... u go locked out for an example?

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