Thursday, 28 March 2013

Messed Up Life..!!

Hey Guys,
As u kno i MIGHT b leaving, or not but anyway, alot of u have been adding me, but dis one girl, who i added kept on saying i should give my account away to her, Now this has been the second time, Plz guys try not to b selfish i will tell what my decision but it will NOT help if ur asking for my account. So this girl i told her to stop and i gave her, Ya kno! My usual speech about how not to do that and that she should b inleast , Ya kno! Supporting me.She stopped. Then she was saying how sorry she was and that she is supporting blah blah blah...But then she is back chatting me!
Person: Oh i'm sorry, i am supporting u, i was just asking? Anyway u should give ur account, I thought ur stupid brain kno's that by now.I want u to leave msp and give ur account away!
Me: Dats rude , Well i cant decide now i will say later.
Person: I am sorry that was my cousin saying dat...I hope u quit cuz it will make things easier for msp!
Me: Wat are u talking about, u speak rubbish,thnx for being the worst friend ever.Look can u just go away now, ur life is confusing, one min u say it's u one min u say it's not u,Go away plz i am gonna unfriend u, u cant b rude like dat, U r no longer my best friend now!U r very sly,Go ahead den say i am harsh cuz it only truth :(

And then she said i am a scammer and she said that all her friends get hacked by me,She said i am a hacker.I told her that i am not and then she said i made this account of her saying : iloveleighanne123 is a scammer, which i never made, i said she must of made it herself becuz when i typed my user then it said dis : prettyloveline is a scammer.But i didnt sink to her lvl, and reported her and her account of me.I Think the account of me is gone and i blocked her main account. Anyway i knew dat she made the account of iloveleighanne123 is a hacker cuz she made an account of my one both wearing all  the same clothes!! Duh!

TIP:Never let anyone go on ur account even UR COUSIN,dont PRETEND it's ur cousin!Cuz i will KNO
PLL-Out x
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Girl Wiv the messed up life and the rudeness,,,


  1. That's sooo harsh and sadd and so un coooollll she's cockey froget her that's what happened on my lvl 19 account then that person hacked and gave all my clothes to her acc and made a user syaing imma scammer God help them! Watch when the get scammed she's ugly on msp!!!