Thursday, 4 April 2013

Language forum

Hey Guys,
Did any of u see my forum?? NO? No? Ok , then well its on help called : EVERYBODY SAY 'HI' IN YOUR LANGUAGE i think at the moment i got 137 people who commented which i think is amazing cuz i never a forum which so many people have commented on, my last highest number was 37 or 38 but dis has to b my highest 137. Although if u have noticed there is still the number 37 at the end lol. But i think hopefully i will get a higher number, if u guys try and  keep this at the top. It's basically a forum for u to say hi in ur language and write the language u speak nxt to it. U think i am lying!! Check a look at this...
Btw Guys, it is April now Apirl 4th, So i am giving u guys until the end of the Easter holidays which is April 15th after i come back from my holiday.So between April 4th-April 15, u have the time to tell me how u feel towards me thinking of leaving. Remember u r free to mail me on my blog email and i will try and answer it, if i can remember the password. My blog email is just for u guys to email me about something important that u would like me to kno or if u wanna mail me a blog banner u made me. Cuz for some reason msp wont allow certain language and i dunno y?

PLL-Out x
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Random Question : Do u have beats by dr.dre headphones?

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